Software Developer C#

Job description

Formed in 2010, yet the roots of the company have a 17 years history working with the leading global food service retailer. We serve our client's system as a strategic supplier to all restaurants, deploying in over 120 countries and over 37,500 locations worldwide.

We provide software development, testing, deployment and support services for POS (point-of-sale) and related software applications that focus on the overall crew and customer experience, resulting in improved operations in the restaurants.


  • Receives a high level of technical definition and translates into language technique;
  • Ability to evaluate the effort of the activities requested;
  • Provide support on the product / system;
  • Recognized for the highest level of technical knowledge;
  • Be technical reference for other developers;
  • Provide technical guidance to small teams;
  • Develop software, collecting information and verifying the viability of the implementation;
  • Responsible to attend the tasks regarding the customer support;
  • Responsible for attend change requests/feature enhancements - refine requirements, and assist them in progressing the requirement through the release management process;
  • Record Metrics for monthly reporting of team's performance;
  • Work with other engineering functions from design to production to implement test procedures for systems and equipment;
  • Document the procedures and recommendations for all phases of product tests;
  • Develops Testing Automation;
  • Creates Documentation as needed;
  • Code review and code refactoring.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor Degree;
  • English skills (advanced - speak is required);
  • Experience of 4 years or more.


  • C#;
  • C / C++;
  • Backend application;
  • Multithreading programming;
  • Multi-tier programming;
  • Object Oriented programming;
  • JSON;
  • XML


  • NOSQL databases;
  • Test driven development;
  • HTML 5;
  • CSS 3;
  • JavaScript.


  • Execute for results;
  • Lead change and innovation;
  • Teamwork;
  • Prompted pressure;
  • Behave proactively;
  • Know how to solve problems.