Desenvolvedor Front End


If you are wondering why this is written in English: although we communicate internally in Portuguese most of the time, we are building a global tech company and you will obviously have contact with many materials in English.

In addition, we have a growing number of international clients and being able to communicate with them efficiently is an important premise. Finally, we are open to candidates from other countries and the language can not be a barrier.

About the position

All positions at LINTE_ are essential because we constantly experience an environment of uncertainty and changes, so we have big challenges ahead and our history is being built by each one here, day after day.

As our Senior Front-end Engineer you will work with a talented team of developers and engineering leaders to develop new user-facing features in a entire new product.

Responsibilities and attributions

  • Mentor junior developers and able to teach and pass the knowledge you have forward about front-end technologies;
  • Code reusable front-end components and libraries for future use;
  • Bring life to amazing UI screens turning into high-quality code always with pixel-perfect;
  • Produce clean, efficient code and automated tests based on specifications;
  • Create technical documentation of your work and code;

Benefits you can count on

  • Lunch card (Alelo)
  • Transportation costs assistance
  • Gympass
  • Health allowance
  • Great and informal atmosphere with amazing people
  • Flexible working hours
  • Daily networking in a strong startup community


Requirements and Qualificatons

We are a very diverse and multidisciplinary team and we believe that, besides great competence, energy, dedication and technical expertise, everyone must be adherent to our values and culture. Besides that, in this position we expect from you:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript/ES6, including DOM;
  • Proficiency in React Hooks and Apollo Cache;
  • Executed professionally GraphQL/Apollo;
  • Applied TDD with Karma or Jest;
  • Solid experience with Database Structure Libs; e.g Immutable;
  • Solid experience in EcmaScript;
  • Solid experience in Git & Git-Flow & Linux;
  • Solid experience in CSS (SASS ou LESS);
  • Aware of Mocking, ORM, RESTful API's;
  • Aware of Reactive Programming / RxJS library;
  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JWT;
  • Addict at writing clean, beautiful and organized code, with good documentation of your implementations and designs;
  • Promote best practices such as code reviews and unit tests;
  • Good communications skills being able to deliver projects on time;
  • Experience mentoring and coaching junior engineers;
  • Experience in working with Agile / Scrum environment;
  • Ability to understand agile user stories and translate them into technical requirements;

Additional Informations

  • A knack for benchmarking and optimization;
  • Isomorphic React;
  • Good understanding of functional programming;
  • Strong troubleshooting skills;
  • Familiarity with CICD;
  • Familiarity with BDD;
  • Ninja at Chrome Dev Tools debugging;
  • Experience with componentization patterns in React;
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes
  • Already used professionally TypeScript
  • Fluent or nearly fluent in English